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420 in Vancouver: The World’s Largest Cannabis Celebration

Ten Things You Need To Know About the World's Largest 420 Festival   Location Location Location: This years largest 420 Festival was held on Sunset Beach in Vancouver. A beautiful beach with a gorgeous coastline, its no wonder over 100,000 people make their way...

Recipe: Sauce up your crabs the easy way with Marion’s Kitchen sauce

Every good recipe starts with a good sauce. A sandwich isn't a good sandwich without some kind of spread. A salad is boring without dressing. A steak just doesn't taste the same without some melted butter. So when Marion's Kitchen sent me a couple bottles of their...

Matt and Gigi’s Rustic Engagement

Weddings are often represented with precious metals and stones like diamonds and gold. Things that never tarnish, never grow old, and stay just as they were the day before. While there is merit to that, and that gold and gems are beautiful in their own right, I think...

When a whole country goes mad: A once in a lifetime experience in Vietnam

I won't say that Vietnam isn't good at soccer, but the last time Vietnam won anything, it was the war. That being said, none of us really follow soccer that closely, despite it being such a popular sport across the world. This misunderstanding lead to one of the...

Peek inside the Louvre


Street Styles in Paris

Three years ago I started photographing for a local publication called Central Track. This particular outlet had a section dedicated just to photographing people walking about town who were extra fashionable, or just plain interesting looking. Most people call this...

Loro the combination that shouldn’t work, but does

Austin is home to good food, good music, and good beer. There is such an abundance of these three things in fact, that it it seems impossible to try them all. I don’t claim that Austin is ‘too much of a good thing’, but decision fatigue is a common occurrence for...

How to rock your next photobooth

  The largest architecture and design firm in the nation hired me to set up a vignette for their holiday party. They didn’t want it to be like any other photo booth and they hired exactly the right person for this. Their party theme was a masquerade with Russian...

BTS: Inspiration behind Ashley Madison’s Front Cover

Ashley Madison. Chances are you’ve heard of them from their online advertising presence with the famous slogan ‘Life is Short. Have an Affair’. A tempting offer for those in relationships that may not be as rosy as they initially had thought. Regardless of your moral...

4 Best efficient cleaning tools

Friday round ups are:   When it comes to almost everything else in our society, we try our hardest to be as efficient, streamlined, and effective as possible. Cars come off assembly lines by the dozens, we produce a hundred bags of potato chips off the line per...


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