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Ten Things You Need To Know About the World’s Largest 420 Festival


Location Location Location: This years largest 420 Festival was held on Sunset Beach in Vancouver. A beautiful beach with a gorgeous coastline, its no wonder over 100,000 people make their way here every year to chat, have fun, and spark it up.











The City of Vancouver has legal cannabis use, but all cannabis isn’t created equal. While marijuana may be legal in its flower form to purchase, edibles, dabs, and other concentrates are generally frowned upon. While you can purchase these items at ‘black market’ stores around the city, and you more than likely won’t be charged for having it, just know it is something that the City is looking to change.

The City of Vancouver also isn’t really happy about the festival happening here either…

Vancouver’s parks and board has never offically given 420 Vancouver permission to put on its event. While they’ve just gone ahead and done it anyway (what are you going to do, arrest all of us?) Don’t be alarmed when you see signage that states “THIS IS AN UNAUTHORIZED EVENT” outside of the grounds. For the most part, the city is concerned with the damage, and cleanup of the beach, so make sure you don’t litter, and you do your part to keep as clean as possible.

Buy from tents. It may seem obvious, but the guys walking around with backpacks selling pre-rolled joints for 2 bucks might not be the most reputable. At best, you’ll get a strain you didn’t ask for, at worst you may wind up with something much stronger than you’re anticipating. Buying from the designated tent vendors is the way to go, and you can be assured you are getting exactly what you’re paying for. It still wildly cheap too, so don’t worry.


Know your limits. Having fun is key to having a good time at 420 Vancouver. The last thing your buddies want to deal with is someone who forgot how to use their legs. Some of the stuff, especially the edibles sold here may be much stronger by multiple factors, and can easily put you out on your butt quickly. Pack snacks, water, and maybe some sunglasses to keep yourself taken care of.

Enjoy yourself. You’re surrounded by 99,999 like minded people who are there for the exact same reason you are; to get high and have fun!

Pack cash. While some vendors do take card, most wont, so having an ample supply of cash tucked away somewhere safe is key.




Video by Daniel Rockey.