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Every good recipe starts with a good sauce. A sandwich isn’t a good sandwich without some kind of spread. A salad is boring without dressing. A steak just doesn’t taste the same without some melted butter. So when Marion’s Kitchen sent me a couple bottles of their Asian Steakhouse sauces, I knew exactly what I had to do; crabs.


Crabs are my weakness. Stone crabs. Dungeoness. King Crab. If its got claws, I want at it. But there is a special place in my soul and stomach for blue crabs. Maybe its because Vietnamese people eat them like they’re going out of style. Maybe its because they are so photogenic. It doesn’t matter to me, I love em.


Blue Crabs are first and foremost, feisty. Its usually a struggle getting them back from the store without them tearing a whole in the bag and angrily scurrying around your car. But once you get them cleaned off, boiled, and into a bowl, its one of the easiest meals ever. All you have to do is toss them in a sauce, and serve them with rice. Boom. Done. Just like chicken wings, its all about getting that sauce on the meat while cracking them open. So the ribs & wings sauce from Marion’s Kitchen was our go to.


To make it, all we did was take one bottle (10.4oz) and mixed it with 4 oz of melted butter in a sauce pot. We heated it until bubbling and delicious and poured it over the steamed crabs. Garnish with a bit of cilantro and maybe some chopped chilies and you’ve got a spectacular meal that is sure to make a mess.


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-5 lbs of whole, live blue crabs (you can find them at Asian grocery stores typically)

-One bottle of Marion’s Kitchen Asian Steakhouse Sticky Chili Ginger Marinade (10.4 oz)

-One half stick unsalted butter

-One bunch green onion

-One bunch cilantro


-Start by cleaning the blue crabs. Usually tossing them all in your sink, covering them just barely with cool water and letting them soak for a few minutes helps. After which you can use a soft brush under running water to rinse off any loose dirt or debris from them. Some people remove the top shell and quarter the crab before cooking. This is personal preference. It usually makes cleaning easier, but I find it makes the meat a bit less sweet.

-Take a large (and I mean seriously large) pot of water and heat it until just before boiling. Add in a heavy handful of salt and any aromatics you’d like (I sometimes use garlic, onion, and dried oregano)

-Boil the crabs until done (whole crabs take about 5 minutes, quartered only 2 minutes). Try to work in batches if your pot isn’t big enough.

-While the crabs are cooling, make the sauce by combining the entire bottle of sauce and butter into a sauce pot and heating until bubbling.

-Place the crabs in a large serving bowl or tray, and toss with the sauce. Top with chopped cilantro and green onion and serve with steamed rice!

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to wear a bib.


Recipe by Daniel Rockey and photo collaboration with Thanin Viriyaki.
Thanks to Marion’s Kitchen for sending us goodies.
If you’re interested in sending any products for us to create recipes with please email us at