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Friday round ups are:


When it comes to almost everything else in our society, we try our hardest to be as efficient, streamlined, and effective as possible. Cars come off assembly lines by the dozens, we produce a hundred bags of potato chips off the line per minute, and we plan our days almost down to the minute on our calendars. But for some reason or another, we are still living in the stone ages when it comes to cleaning up our spaces. Admit it, you’re guilty. Using that old straw broom clogged to the brim with dust bunnies, and that raggedy mop that is grayer than Gandalf’s beard. We do it out of habit, we simply saw those that raised us using these tools and copied after them. All the while, newer, better, faster, and more efficient cleaning tools were being developed and changed while you were busy wiping down your counters with that kitchen rag you have that is about ten threads away from falling apart. If you’re looking for an introduction into the fresh, fast, and new world of the most efficient cleaning tools, then you’ve arrived.



I know you’re immediately going, “What is this guy smoking! I can’t afford that, those things are pricey”. I’ll bet you haven’t looked at robot vacuum cleaners in a hot minute, because not only has the technology advanced in the last few years, the price has sunk immensely as well. When robot vacuums first came out, they were finicky, expensive, and were more a novelty than an actual cleaning solution. The days of a $600 iRobot vacuum are no longer (unless you’re into that kind of thing), and have thus been replaced by an entire slew of autonomous vacuums that cost about the same as a traditional upright vacuum. The cheapest and best that I have found is EYUGLE. Coming in at only $88.99, its price is comparable to most mid line traditional vacuum cleaners, but without any of the hassle. While there are other robot vacuums with higher price tags, they all act about the same. Simply drop the charging station underneath a desk, or somewhere inconspicuous, and set the vacuum scheduling for some time when you’re not at home, or won’t be bothered by it roaming around your house. After charging full it zips around, sucking up all pet hair, small debris, and dust off your floors and carpets. Its got a mighty little motor in it, and has no difficulty pulling up even small rocks dragged in from outside by shoes. It even has a HEPA filter for keeping allergens down. After finishing, it drives itself back home to its charging station and goes to sleep. Every few days you can dump the collection bin on the back of it (and you’ll be surprised how much it catches each day) to keep your house clean. Most people don’t vacuum every day, but with this small purchase, you no longer have to worry about finessing cords around the house, with the big, bulky upright vacuums, and you can live in comfort every. single. day.

 SPRAY MOP $20 at its highest
If you have hard floors in your home, a vacuum just doesn’t cut it. For a lot of folks, that means busting out the ol’ mop and bucket every week or two when things start getting a little grimy. The problem with this is, most mops, whether you have one of those shaggy dread styles, or even a spin style, it means your just spreading all that grime around your home instead of picking it up and removing it. Every time you dip that mop head back into that gross, cloudy floor water, you pick up just as many contaminates as you put back. Next time, right after you mop, put on white socks and just go nuts dancing around your hard floors. Really get Risky Business up in there, and then report back how absolutely nasty the bottom of those socks are after even just a few minutes. I’m willing to bet it’s going to be darker than a bad kid’s stocking on Christmas morning. To truly remove all of the contaminates on your floor, you have to apply solution liberally, and change out the cleaning surface often. One of the best products for this is O’Cedars ProMist Spray Mop. It’s only about $20 at its highest, and $12 at its lowest, its a steal. It comes with two or three microfiber cloths, and a reservoir to hold your cleaning solution. Unlike Swiffer or other brands, you can use whatever cleaning solution you like, meaning if you want to go the natural route, you aren’t locked into using the heavy chemical laden Swiffer stuff. Simply slap on a fresh cleaning cloth, fill the tank with warm cleaning solution (I recommend just simply white vinegar and REALLY hot water), and go to town. No need to wring out mop heads, no need to swish the nasty water. Just hold the trigger to spray a fine mist of solution in front of the mop and wipe or scrub it up. After a few minutes, check the bottom pad and make sure its not totally nasty. Once it reaches max grossness, SWAP IT OUT! You’ll be left with a floor so sparkling clean you can pass the white sock test any day of the week.

A what now? You ask. Yes, a drill brush. Its exactly what it sounds like. Chances are you have a battery powered cordless drill lying around your home somewhere for hanging pictures or whatnot. Put that bad boy to use with a set of drill brushes. There are a few knockoff brands, but I’ve found the best is the tried and true original DrillBrush  It comes in varying ’toughness’ depending on what you want to clean. For most, the middle yellow bristles are firm enough for most hard tasks, without being so stiff that they’ll tear up softer materials. Literally just a package of three normal looking brushes (one ’toilet’ brush, one big round brush, and one small round brush) that come attached to a typical drill chuck bit. Just hook it into the front of your drill as you would a normal drill bit and tackle stains and buildup with some serious vengeance. Elbow grease is a thing of the past when it comes to these bad boys, and you can simply watch as the super fast spinning brush tips annihilate whatever is in their path. I’ve found them particularly excellent for cleaning the toilet in under 15 seconds flat, and getting those hard to scrub parts of the shower that buildup crud over time.


You’ve just spent all this time cleaning your house, and your loving the fresh clean smell, only to have it fade just a day or two later. What gives?? Gross, but fun fact, its your air. If you have a pet, roommate, someone who cooks a lot, or even just an older mattress, all of these things are absolutely SPEWING nasty shenanigans into the air you breathe. From dead skin cells, hair, cooking oil, and oh so much more, these things are just floating around everywhere in your home. Have you ever noticed that when you first walk into someone else’s home, or your own home after being away from it for a few days, the first thing you notice is how it smells. Candles can mask it, febreeze may even keep it down for a few hours, but an air purifier is the only thing that can truly get rid of it. As an added benefit, if you suffer from allergies or a general sensitivity to pollen and dander, these things will help immensely. Depending on the size of your home, you may need to purchase two, but they don’t break the bank, don’t use much electricity, and only cost a few buck every couple months to maintain. Our favorite is the Honeywell HPA 300. It often goes on sale, so don’t purchase it immediately. Let the price drop, as we’ve seen it go as low as $100 before. This machine is an absolute BEAST for its price and size. It states it cleans about 500 sqft, but we’ve noticed it has absolutely no difficulty tackling much more than that. Not only does the thing shovel air through it like an angry dad on the driveway after a snowstorm, but it has three, tried and true HEPA filters with a pre-filter built in. This means the filters do not need to be changed as often (although we recommend every couple months), and it tackles odors, bacteria, dust, dander, and allergens without even breaking a sweat. After purchasing, run it for just one day and see how much junk it pulls from your air. You’ll notice your cleaning efforts stretch about twice, or three times as long, your home will smell fresh, and you’ll breath easier.
Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard. It can be enjoyable to have a clean home, without being all grumpy and sweaty after finishing. By struggling with cleaning tools of old, you spend useful time and energy just moving dust, dirt, and grime around instead of actually removing it. Investigate these products and see if they can work for you. With the time and effort saved, they pay for themselves extremely quickly, and give you that piece of mind that can only come from living in a truly clean, enjoyable space.