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1. Hand wipes: Purrell Wipes
This is my preference of sanitation because the germ bottles liquids over flow and spill with such a strong smells. But wipes they are thinner to carry. you don’t have to worry about liquids spilling. They’re great for wiping your phone down on the go and other objects. Paper goods like napkins are not common in Vietnam, so most restaurants will provide wet wipes that may not be as strong.
2. Kleenex: Soft pack
Paper products are not common in Vietnam. Even toilet paper is hit or miss at some places. The kleenex soft pack has been a life savior because it doesn’t have a hardshell, and no matter how full your bags are you can always smuh the kleenex pack to mold with the rest of the stuff you have.
3. Face mask: Carbon cotton mask
My nose is sensitive to smells and I am a germ freak. This has become very useful in many cases.  When you’re around stuck on an airplane for 20+ hours with 200+ people it’s an incubator of germs waiting to get you sick.
Sometimes, some areas are polluted in the city will make it less comfortable to walk around.
4. Travel lockbox: Master lock and Bra pouch
Sometimes when you convert your money over, you may do it all at once for the entire trip. You don’t want to carry your entire spending with you daily. We use a travel lock box to store all of the money we have, our pass ports and other important items. There’s no fail proof way to theft, but it’s about making it one step harder. To avoid the opportunist thieves. Gives you a piece of mind that it’s not in plain sight or easy to get to. If you want to keep a large amount of money on you, but not as easy to access, you can use the Money bra pouch.
5. Mini locks: Luggage lock
Because we have so much equipment and value things with us, we ordered a handful of mini locks and had a mini lock and every bag and suitcases. Call us crazy but with each of our day bags and camera bags, there’s a mini lock on each zipper. We don’t take chances.
6. Plastic bags: Ziplock bags
I always pack a handful of different variety of sizes of zip lock bags. They can come in handy for things you don’t think about. I’ve used it to split up my foreign money according to their value and not worry about money getting wet. Exploding tooth pastes, bag up little trinkets you want to bring back as suivienoirs. I am a believer in compartimalzing everything. Great for splitting up your toiletry items, make up, receipts. you name it. It’s been helpful to throw your wet bathing suit into the largest ziplock bag, compress it, and deal with it later.
7. Medications
Trust me, you will need these basic medications. Activated Charcoal pills to help with food poisoning. Tylonel PM will do you wonders when you need to totally knock yourself out for a good portion of a plane ride. Just to give you a kick start into some much needed rest
Earplugs are one of those things you can be overly thankful for when it becomes the time you need it. It’ll help with the loud engines of airplanes, or help you sleep through foreign noises in a new place. Some places like to start their days earlier and you can’t avoid roosters and the sound of motorcycles revving through the neighborhood.