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Private dinners are the final frontier for custom created, uniquely inspired, and personally crafted meals that just can’t be found anywhere else. We live in an age where it’s not nearly as difficult to find a restaurant that sources locally, or has some funky avant-garde menu with ingredient names that you can’t pronounce. It’s a wonderful time for restaurant dining, and yet, a boring one.

When any market is flooded with an influx of new, fresh ideas, there tends to be an oversaturation of it at first. Just like how when those electric scooters started popping up everywhere; at first there were seemingly millions of them, but after a few months of figuring out how many people actually use them, their numbers dwindled to the amount that people utilize on a day to day basis. In much the same way, restaurant do the same. Ever notice how ten poke shops appear overnight? There’s just not enough room for them all to survive, and so for most folks, the poke market becomes boring, and samesy.


This is where private dining seals in the gaps. When you go out to eat, you want good food, good atmosphere, and good price, all while not having to do dishes. Most restaurants will nail three of four (hopefully washing the dishes too), but come at the expense of the last one. Good food with a good atmosphere is typically pricey. Good food and good price usually means you’re at a hole-in-the-wall kind of place. Private dining seeks to hit every point.


You like your house. That’s why it’s your house. The atmosphere is exactly what you want it to be. So why not have dinner there? It usually means you’re going to be running out to the store, slaving over a stove, and elbow deep in dish water by the end of the night. By hiring a private chef, you trade in all of that hassel, without having to lift a finger.


For myself, I find a lot of clients can relax better, and truly enjoy the moment in their own home. Some of my clients opt for a ‘staycation’ where they’ll find a fun AirBnB around town to chill, swim, eat, and drink without breaking the bank. Regardless, the process is the same.


The usually service includes everything you’d find at a restaurant, without even having to get into your car. After an email or call about specific foods (or if you’d like to leave the menu a surprise!) and timing, you kick your feet up and get ready. I provide all the shopping, all the cooking (in your very own kitchen), service, drink selection, and cleanup. While each client is different, the prices tend to range from the cost you’d expect at a nice restaurant, all the way up to steakhouse prices. Not too bad!


While I am equipped with a team to handle up to 100 guests, I can personally work down to as small as just two people, although a fair majority find themselves within the 6 to 16 person range. 


If you’re ever interested in looking into a Private Chef for your own sometime, please visit our Work With Us page and ask us anything!


For my most recent Private Dinner, the client was a staycationer within Dallas. Opting for a pool, a room with a view, and tons of lounging space to have their dinner. No food allergies meant a fully creative menu on my part, so I had some fun with it.


The first course was an ode to the end of the season, with tomatoes being the focus. End of season tomatoes are always a bit softer, and a bit sweeter, making them perfect for a simple composition. Sliced heirloom grape tomatoes with a pesto spread, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic reduction, and garnished with crumbled feta and basil made for a light start.


Second course was a bit more savory. A take on an iceberg salad, with a hearty wedge of lettuce, garnished with homemade ranch, cornbread croutons, pickled onions, and jalapeno bacon.


For the main course, a continuation on southern flavors continued with a pan seared airline chicken breast atop amish butter grits. It was finished with garlic oil, and a spicy blackberry sauce.


And lastly, dessert. Dessert is always my favorite to present. I flair towards simple being better, and this was no exception. Triple butter sweet biscuits were split in half, and filled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, lemon curd, candied blueberries, and a blueberry sauce. It’s one of my favorite desserts of all time, and the client was left with a full stomach, a clean kitchen, and no evidence that I had ever been there.