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One. Hundred. Layer. Lasagna.


That’s all there really needs to be said about Fachini, Highland Park’s latest and greatest Italian restaurant. Everything that they do, they do with the same attention to detail, and painstaking thoroughness as they do with their lasagna.


Highland Park is not an easy crowd to please. As with any gamble, high risk means high rewards, and Highland Park is the epitome of high reward. There’s a lot of money moving around in that neck of Dallas, and it’s free for the taking, assuming you can coax the rich into comfortably emptying their wallets for a slice of heaven.


Before we get to the food, it should be noted that Fachini is less ‘Italian’ than it is ‘Upscale’. Sure there are images of Mario Andretti on the wall, sure there is a wood fired brick oven churning away next to the dining room, and you can hardly look more than a few feet without noticing a bottle of amaretto or campari. If you’re lucky, you’ll be served by one of the best bartenders in Dallas, a man with a wide variety of eyepatches, and a flair for strong cocktails.


Regardless, you can read all about the interior from my article in EATER


What wins me over isn’t the fresh handmade pasta. It isn’t the tableside cae

sar salad. It certainly isn’t the price (wait, a negroni is 15 bucks???). Its the 100 layer lasagna. It’s not like any lasagna i’ve ever had before. It’s not slammed to the wall with gobs of overwhelming mozzarella. It’s not choked with sauce to overcompensate for thick, rubbery lasagna noodles. It’s just, perfect. Sorry Grandma.


I don’t even mean that. My grandma never made lasagna, she was a white lady from Ohio. And while she certainly made casseroles, I don’t think this creation ever would have crossed her mind. Super thin layers of rolled pasta, with a simmered down meat sauce, similar to, but not exactly a bolognese. It’s the kind of filling that only comes with time. A spread of their rustic style tomato sauce is put on the plate, a slice of all 100 layers (the chef actually states that they make it with a few extra than 100 layers in case anyone tries to count), and garnished with a dollop of ricotta, and a basil leaf. Its elegant, rich beyond belief, and just the right portion size.


While I’m not going to be hitting up Fachini every weekend for my latest dose of Italian goodness, it is the place I want to show off to my parents, or woo a potential client at. If you feel like you’ve got a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, Fachini will gladly take it, in exchange for a meal you won’t forget anytime soon.